How will we work together? 

I love spending time with my client to create a shared understanding and set the right expectations. Therefore, I will join you for a day or a week to observe the team and leadership on their day-to-day activities and meeting(s)*.
- I start from what you do now by understanding current processes and practicing.
- We will respect existing roles, responsibilities & job titles.
- We gain agreement to pursue improvement through evolutionary change.
- Encourage the act of leadership at all levels

Here are some highlights we will focus on building together: 

  • Agile Assessments: Conduct readiness assessments, and help leaderships to outline transformation outcomes strategy and team improvement measurement
  • Agile Transformation Roadmaps: Map out and implement transformation roadmaps, Futures, Epic, user stories, and drive adoption of agility practices and principle step-by-step
  • Agile Community Building: Create and facilitate agile communities to learn from each other, leverage agile best practices, and evolve the Agile way of working moving forward.
  • Coaching /Training/ Mentoring: Perform individual, and group workshops/training for the project team included product managers and leadership on the Agile and Lean principles, values, practices. Enable them to adopt agile empiricism, frameworks (Scrum/Kanban), maturity models, fundamental and essential metrics.
  • Cultural Shift: Support leaders and their teams to create resilient organizations and sustainable change based on their culture by adapting multiple Agile techniques and Lean thinking. 

*Note: The duration of the observation depends on the size of the team(s) and company

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