Hi! I am Mona.

Agilist | Coach | Facilitator | Trainer | Kaizen Mindset | Life-Long Learner | Sense Maker | Innovation 

My strengths are my curiosity about the people and system, I enjoy challenging assumptions, commitment improvement.  

In 2011, I had an opportunity to work in a large organization to validate my MBA's theses. It was the first time I was exposed to PMPbook and PMI's world. It was so fascinating, very well organized, so thoughtful process with lots of details upfront, that gave me a sense of being in control. We all wanted to master our crafts,  so I worked hard to collect best practices and examples, but wait, we kept missing the deadlines. We forgot something very important, our projects were mostly were on a large scale, with a high level of uncertainty. That time I was sure it should be another way  to plan. In 2012, I had another opportunity to expose to Agile project management. from there onward, I made a commitment to myself I won't stop learning, experimenting, improving different ways of working, or as I like to say "Balanced Agile way of working". 

I hold a whole bunch of certifications from Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, Kanban University, ScaleAgile SAFe you can check my LinkedIn, if interested. Nothing wrong with certifications, I believe I polished my skills when I made my hands dirty and learned by doing, experimenting. 

My focus lies in helping teams and organizations to be truly aligned connect with each other and create a happier workplace. 

 I partner with teams & organizations to become more effective and achieve better bottom-line outcomes. 

Helping people to become a better version of themselves is in my DNA, which makes me feel that I have a purpose. 

I partner with organizations and teams in clearly articulating a strategic vision and the goals that guide all activities and a resource for the leadership to resolve organizational challenges and create a work environment that improves collaboration and the capacity to focus on the work at hand.

when I'm not working, I'm passionate about so many things, from playing musical instruments to making indie movies, creative thinking, anything related to innovation tech or non-tech-based, spending some quality time with my family and friends.

I am a creative problem solver, open to all challenges, and always full of commitment to improve things.

I am a creative thinker who values, performs, and supports ideas that push boundaries. I am agile, adaptable, innovative, and flexible when working with others. My specific interests lie in project management, strategic planning, business analysis, and the collaboration of adaptive change. Throughout my recent experiences, I’ve had the opportunity of working with cross-functional teams, various levels of management, and overall diverse business culture.

Outside the regular workday, I am building and applying my entrepreneurial mindset to new ideas and endeavors. Engaging and working with others has always been my strong point and passion. From leading several team projects and challenging business planning sessions, I have gained advantageous experience in conflict resolution and team cohesiveness.

Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.

Hi! I am Mona!

As a consultant, I work with companies big and small, from the individual team level to the whole value chain. My focus is on sustainable change. That means my clients and I work together in a way that leaves them uniquely capable and ready to thrive in complex environments.

My purpose is to help heal the fragmented thinking and feeling of misapplied approaches to creating things. Having teams interact with real customers and markets, getting results, unleashing creativity, and having some serious fun is my way of working. Complexity can be quite simple.

Do you need support? 

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