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Book a free 15-minute consulting session with me. Together, we will identify the right coaching and workshops for you and your teams to help you on your digital Agile transformation journey. 


Visualizing and identifying the invisible problems and bringing them to the surface around team and enterprise by helping the leaders dig deeper into the issues and opportunities, challenging the assumptions by asking powerful questions. Then, together, we can lay out a viable, sustainable solution. 

  • Identification of a target image of the customer as part of an order clarification
  • Analysis of the current situation and preparation of hypotheses
  • Root cause analysis by Issue mapping and clustering over time
  • Deriving recommendations for action


  • Agility self-assessment
  • Clean language approch
  • Design sprint
  • Individual interviews & shadow coaching
  • Impact mapping
  • Powerful questions
  • Solution canvas
  • Systematic coaching journey
  • Value stream mapping
  • Vision, mission, strategy planning, and what and how to measure our success


Empowering the team to embrace agile principles and values. Supporting the team to become self-organized and accountable. Building up psychological safety overtime to work optimally. Promoting continuous improvement and high collaboration is what I'm here for. 

  • Development of the customer's target image as part of demand clarification
  • Facilitation of the conception of a workshop or training format adapted to customer requirements
  • Supporting contributing ideas  
  • Preparation of results and derivation of recommendations for action


  • Agile foundation
  • Elimination of impediments
  • Simulations (Kanban methodology / Scrum framework)
  • Support and coach the team, PO, DEV, SM
  • Team development clock
  • User story mapping
  • How to increase every voice, explore new ideas, eliminate barriers


I Design and facilitate workshops and training sessions for teams and leaders.

I adapt interactive methods of the "teaching from the back of the room," visualization," "liberating structure," and "gamification" to make the topic more tangible for the participants. 
This workshop is a one-time event,  we can talk about what issue you are willing to focus on, and I will lay out a suitable approach. 

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